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is a band from berlin. it is made up of jana, kristof, stefan, kalle and varying guests. we enjoy playing live. please get in contact via contact[at]

We have been recently to Pristina for recording a new album at the C-Studio with the amazing Michael and Dritero. Thanks a lot for all your help and support. We had a wonderful time and feel more than happy after this amazing week.

Please have a look for recent stuff or anything that might distract you from work or if you need an excuse to procrastinate:

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And please please check out the releases from our friends and lovers:

Altin Village & Mine | K&F Records

"When you hear this band, you can almost grip the thick strings of the bass guitar. They are the purring foundation of Dropout Patrol, based in Berlin. The guitar sometimes seems to lose its way, the singer's voice is fragile. Like a punk band that has changed its mind..." (radio1)


December 12 - Berlin, home sweet home



OCTOBER 11 - Leipzig, Conne Island Cafe (w/ Total Heels)
SEPTEMBER 13 - Berlin, about blank (10 years Quartett Booking)
JULY 12 - Würzburg, XYEAHX summer fest
JULY 11 - Frankfurt, Office Du Pain (w/ Lost Girls)
JULY 05 - Göttingen, Café Kabale Sommerfest (w/ Image Ctrl, Nervöus)
JULY 04 - Erlangen, FreeWilly
MAY 04 - Köln, House show (Matinee w/ Naive)
MAY 03 - Aachen, AZ (AZ-Fest)
APRIL 21 - Braunschweig, Nexus (Matinee)
APRIL 20 - Hamburg, Hafenklang (w/ Gorges)
APRIL 19 - Siegen, KultCaff (w/ trio.diktion)
APRIL 18 - Forst, Buntes Haus (w/ Black And White On Grey)
JANUARY 12 - Berlin, House show (w/ Geoff Farina)
JANUARY 13 - Berlin, House show (w/ Geoff Farina)


NOVEMBER 03 - Berlin, House show
NOVEMBER 02 - Kassel, Nordstadt
NOVEMBER 01 - Leipzig, Handstand & Moral (w/ mOck)
OCTOBER 31 - Eisenberg, Alter Bahnhof (w/ The Micronaut, mOck)
SEPTEMBER 13 - Berlin, Kastanie (as part of the Beastie Boys Cover Night)
SEPTEMBER 08 - Dresden, Kunsthaus
AUGUST 31 - Berlin, Torstraßen Festival
AUGUST 02 - Friedland, Jenseits von Millionen Festival
JULY 20 - Hauptmannsgrün, Festival L*abore
JULY 17 - Berlin, Ä (w/ Texas Tea)
JUNE 22 - Bielefeld, Artists Unlimited
JUNE 08 - Dresden, Discorporate Festival
MAY 12 - München, innen.außen.raum (w/ Garda, The Green Apple Sea)
MAY 11 - Stuttgart, Merlin (w/ Garda, The Green Apple Sea)
MAY 10 - Offenbach, Hafen 2 (w/ Garda, The Green Apple Sea)
MAY 09 - Hamburg, Astra-Stube (w/ Garda, The Green Apple Sea)
MAY 08 - Leipzig, Ilses Erika (w/ Garda, The Green Apple Sea)
APRIL 19 - Bielefeld, AJZ (w/ Maserati, Kim Baxter, Kokomo)
MARCH 30 - Praha/ CZ, Café V Lese (w/ Bonus & Martin Tvrdý Trio)
MARCH 29 - Wien/ AT, Rhiz
MARCH 28 - München, Kafe Kult (w/ Die Nerven)
MARCH 27 - Nürnberg, K4 (w/ Kitty Empire)
MARCH 26 - Jena, Café Wagner
MARCH 25 - Magdeburg, Café Central
MARCH 24 - Hamburg, Linker Laden
MARCH 23 - Giessen, Kupferschmiede (w/ Telemetrie)
MARCH 22 - Würzburg, Cairo (w/ Karo & Jets Vs. Sharks)
FEBRUARY 10 - Dresden, Galerie Adam Ziege
FEBRUARY 09 - Passau, Zeughaus (w/ Candelilla)
FEBRUARY 08 - Leipzig, Wärmehalle Süd


NOVEMBER 10 - Berlin, Schokoladen (w/ Darling Don't Dance)
OCTOBER 20 - Frankfurt/M., Club Michel (w/ Young Hare)
OCTOBER 19 - Köln, Klub Genau (w/ Young Hare)
OCTOBER 18 - Trier, Villa Wuller (w/ Young Hare)
OCTOBER 17 - Bruxelles/ BE, Mme Moustache (w/ Young Hare)
OCTOBER 16 - Liège/BE, Le Garage (w/ Young Hare)
OCTOBER 15 - Marburg, Baari-Bar/G-Werk (w/ Young Hare)
OCTOBER 14 - Karlsruhe, Halle 14 (w/ Young Hare)
OCTOBER 13 - Netschkau, Borwaerk (w/ Young Hare)
OCTOBER 12 - Chemnitz, AC17 (w/ Young Hare)
SEPTEMBER 2 - Leipzig, Drift
SEPTEMBER 1 - Dresden, Thalia (The Sound of Bronkow Music Festival)
AUGUST 31 - Berlin, Multilayerladen (w/ Ponk)
AUGUST 23 - Berlin, Haus der Zukunft
AUGUST 06 - Berlin, Lido (w/ Damien Jurado)
JULY 14 - Würzburg, Kult (w/ Golden Diskó Ship)
JUNE 16 - Berlin, Schokoladen (w/ ampl:tude, Mock, sissters, Young Hare)
APRIL 25 - Potsdam, Kuze (w/ Labasheeda)
MARCH 10 - Frankfurt/M., IVI (w/ Young Hare, The Wind-Up Robots Killed My Cat)
MARCH 09 - Würzburg, Café Cairo (w/ Young Hare)
MARCH 08 - Leipzig, UT Connewitz (w/ Damien Jurado, Tom Brosseau)
MARCH 07 - Berlin, About Blank (w/ Me Succeeds)
JANUARY 12 - Berlin, Monster Ronson´s (w/ Eli Natali & The Moustaches)


DECEMBER 15 - Berlin, Schokoladen (w/ Mock, Mika Risiko, CJ Boyd)
DECEMBER 09 - Hamburg, Strips & Stories
SEPTEMBER 27 - Berlin, Mme Claude (w/ G-DMOTHER)
SEPTEMBER 10 - Berlin, Bei Roy (w/ Radio Burroughs)
SEPTEMBER 09 - Hradec Kralove/ CZ (w/ Radio Burroughs)
SEPTEMBER 08 - Prague/ CZ, Finalclub (w/ Aran Epochal, Radio Burroughs)
SEPTEMBER 07 - Wien/ AU, Venster99 (w/ Radio Burroughs, Robotra)
SEPTEMBER 06 - Freiburg, Räng Teng Teng (w/ Radio Burroughs)
SEPTEMBER 05 - Köln, Aetherblissement (w/ Radio Burroughs)
SEPTEMBER 04 - Brussels/ BE, Micro Marché (w/ Radio Burroughs)
SEPTEMBER 03 - Wageningen/ NL, Cafe de Overkant (w/ Radio Burroughs)
SEPTEMBER 02 - Hannover, Sturmglocke (w/ Radio Burroughs)
AUGUST 26 - Berlin, Raumerweiterungshalle (w/ Lianne Hall, rat rat rats)
AUGUST 12 - Berlin, Multilayerladen (w/ Kid Ikarus, The Puddle Parade)
JULY 01 - Dresden, England England
APRIL 18 - Leipzig, Frühauf (w/ Membership, Coal Train)
APRIL 17 - Dresden, Zille (w/ Membership)
APRIL 16 - Berlin, Ballhaus Ost (w/ Membership)
APRIL 10 - Berlin, Uni.T (as part of the play "just kids")
APRIL 09 - Berlin, Uni.T (as part of the play "just kids")
MARCH 10 - Berlin, Schokoladen (w/ Boduf Songs)
MARCH 09 - Leipzig, Conne Island (w/ Boduf Songs)


DECEMBER 16 - Berlin, Broschek
NOVEMBER 26 - Berlin, Schokoladen (w/ Radio Burroughs)
NOVEMBER 15 - Dresden, AZ Conni (w/ The Green Apple Sea)
SEPTEMBER 09 - Würzburg, Herr Pfeffer (w/ Punters, Bob Corn, The Legendary Lightness)
SEPTEMBER 04 - Dresden, Societätstheater (The Sound of Bronkow Festival)
FEBRUARY 24 - Berlin, Ä (w/ Jules Etienne)


NOVEMBER 08 - Utrecht/ NL, Café Averechts (w/ The Puddle Parade)
MAY 24 - Leipzig, Centraltheater (w/ A Hawk And A Hacksaw)
MARCH 28 - Prague/ CZ, XT3 (w/ Atlantic Cable, Bugmen)
MARCH 27 - Leipzig, PIMU bar
FEBRUARY 01 - Brussels/ BE, Les Ateliers Claus (w/ The Puddle Parade)
JANUARY 31 - Brussels/ BE, Couchsurfing Party (w/ The Puddle Parade)
JANUARY 30 - Brussels/ BE, Houseshow (w/ The Puddle Parade)


DECEMBER 14 - Berlin, Silver Future (w/ A.J. Shanti)
JULY 16 - Berlin, Ä (w/ The Puddle Parade)
JULY 15 - Dresden, Madness (w/ The Puddle Parade)
JULY 14 - Jena, Café Wagner (w/ The Puddle Parade)
JULY 13 - Utrecht/ NL, dB's (w/ I Am Oak, The Puddle Parade)
JULY 12 - Antwerpen/ B, KHR HQ's (w/ The Puddle Parade)
JUNE 05 - Berlin, Krähenfuß (w/ Petula, Kid Ikarus, Zweieckenschach)


APRIL 28 - Dresden, Art der Kultur (w/ Mr.60)


AUGUST 09 - Prague/ CZ, Utopia (w/ Bone Machine)
AUGUST 08 - Tabor/ CZ, Orion (w/ Bone Machine, Travolta)
AUGUST 07 - Banska Bystrica/ SK (w/ Travolta)
AUGUST 06 - Piestany/ SK (w/ Travolta)
AUGUST 05 - Brno/ CZ, Stara Pekarna (w/ Bone Machine, Travolta)


August 31 2012

Dropout Patrol

Vinyl with postcard inlays and download code [on Exotic Fever Records // Altin Village & Mine Records] and Digipack-CD with booklet [on K&F Records].
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Christoph Bartelt.
Artwork by Janette Bielau.

September 2013

Teenagers & Elders
(Volume 1)

Teenagers and Elders is a charitable compilation with songs by artists from Berlin, Paris, Toulouse and Montreal. Volume 1 comprises songs by Flèche, CHINOI, Little, Dawnshape, VÆV, Golden Diskó Ship, Tolga Fidan, Ira Lee, Franz Is Dead, Saåad, Total Warr, The Dropout Patrol, Almeeva, Noir Coeur, Sheraff, Hushpuppies and Cesare Marchese.

The compilation is now out! It's available on iTunes for a mere €4,49. All proceeds will go to L'enfant @ l'hôpital:

Start your week by doing something useful!

Teenage & Elders @ Facebook

May 24 2013

Antipop Mixtape
(Compilation # 1)

Dear friends, for a limited time period we provide a well selected compilation with also rare and yet unreleased songs by artists (e.g. Messer, PTTRNS, Umberto, Die! Die! Die!, U.S. Girls) we did shows with in the past as well as those of the forth­co­ming ones. Thanks so much to all the participating bands, labels and especially Leipzig resident Oliver Sommer for the artwork. Making pop a threat again!

click here for download and check: antipop.blogsport

February 01 2013

take out your teeth, take off your claws
(a k&f records compilation)

"Take Out Your Teeth, Take Off Your Claws" is supposed to celebrate a small anniversary. K&F Records took up work almost exactly five years and precisely 20 catalogue numbers ago. Today, the label feels like an hermit crab that has slightly outgrown its snail shell. Oftentimes only loosely associated with the genre of folk music. New artist affiliations from Ireland and the UK. Still based around a small community of musicians and friends in Dresden, Germany.

"Teeth/Claws" compiles hindsights to 2012 and foresights to 2013, mainly in the form of rarities and B-sides. There are also a few album tracks from last year's releases and older songs by bands that will come out with something new in 2013.

Free download via bandcamp. Donations welcome. Enjoy.

listen & watch

Find it at the bottom of the lake


Archives from moana vonstadl.

Irrelevant Variables

Irrelevant Variables from Manuel M.

It May Be That We Are Passing Through Difficult Landscapes

It May Be That We Are Passing Through Difficult Landscapes from AS HUMAN PATTERN.

The Great Hesitation

The Great Hesitation from Ben.

Other People's Problems

Other People's Problems from Marc Krause.

matters of particular interest

Need a Poster?

Have this one. No need to say it's for free!

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House show January 2014

Here are some wonderful shots by Heike at BerlinBeat taken from the house show with Geoff Farina.

Big hug and thanks to mOck-a-delic! There is also a video:

Matinee, Nexus

Braunschweig. Well, quite a surprise! and a very charming afternoon. Have a look for some really nice words and photos (german only).

Thanks to Kult-Tour and BLACK lodge//white LODGE!

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yes, but no Interview

Kristof answered many a question concerning the band in general, future plans and moshing on Easter sunday (german only).

Thanks to for the kind words.

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Discorporate Festival 2013

Here are some photos of the wonderful Discorporate Festival. We had a great time there. Thanks to everyone involved!